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ugh idgaf about probending

I love how Zuko finally came around

idk I just love his character’s depth so much lol

his voice is so different in the third season wtf

I’m gonna finish Arrested Development.

portia de rossi is fine

"Another thing to remember is in the end they’re just words from a meaningless, useless person" - my best friend <3

it’s been over two years since I’ve been in love

even though I pretty much exclusively listen to love songs, I haven’t been able to relate to any of them in a long long long time. 

that awkward moment when okcupid emails you to say the person you hate is “an exceptionally good match” for you

I had the most awkward exchange today.

A dude with some swag stood there and watched me play ukulele on my porch today. I told him I couldn’t play with him looking but then I realized that part of being a good player is getting over that fear, so I said I was kidding and played Hey Ya for him and then I just got too nervous and stopped completely LOL



but it was really cool and he’ll never know how important that little exchange was to me. 

  • ♥: Favourite Band
  • ✌: Favourite Album
  • ★: Favourite Song
  • ♫: Favourite Drummer.
  • ☠: Favourite Singer.
  • ☺: Favourite Bassist.
  • ☻: Favourite Guitarist.
  • ✪: Best band you've seen live.
  • ✖: A band you hate.
  • ▼: Worst band you've seen live.
  • ✇: A band you don't like that a lot of people do.
  • ☒ A band you like that people wouldn't expect you to.
  • ✦: A guilty pleasure band.
  • ☯: What you're listening to right now.
  • ^: First band you saw live.
  • Ω: Last band you saw live.

"you should have known better than to break this heart cause i’m an artist and i’ll rip you apart "

cried so hard at the LoK finale :’[

but it turned into a happy cry at the end

omg I need the next season to start NOW

about to watch the Legend of Korra finaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


my mom just found her resume on a floppy disc

I lol’d

how cute

ew… bug gutts in my paint brush

that’s the name of my new album guys