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Pink Floyd - Bike

(My favorite Pink Floyd song <3)

Atom & His Package - “Anarchy Means I Litter”

the last 7 days

the last 7 days


Real Estate - Out Of Tune


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Stinking of Whiskey Blues


The Ergs! “Stinking of Whiskey Blues”

Cause you were the one
I felt that I was lucky just to have you by my side
Now it’s 10 years gone and I’m sitting all alone
With this bottle for a place to hide

Bar time is 6:30
And you’re still on my mind
By 8:15 I’ll have had a couple in me
And forgotten you were even mine
By 9:43 I’ll be regretting my decisions
And cursing this city of sin
By 10:15 I’ll be stinking of whiskey
And thinking of you again


Little Boxes // The Mountain Goats

this video is nuts

Tender Torture


Islands - Tender Torture

Swell Window


Zee Avi, Swell Window


Jenny Lewis: The Making of Acid Tongue

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Deep Sea Diver (in black & white)


Pure Bathing Culture Ivory Coast acoustic

This acoustic version of Ivory Coast is so wonderful, admittedly I like pure stripped down acoustic versions more often than their reverb’ed & synth’ed counterparts but still this one’s a winner.

I'd write you a song


I’d write you a song  by Very truly yours 

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Treat your ears right. Listen to this track.