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about to watch the Legend of Korra finaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I’m gonna learn some britney spears on my uke :D

a mix of mine is going to be shared on a pretty big blog/zine on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so I need to get my blog in tip top shape!!!

not this one, this one is perfect already ~*~*~ hehehe 

Middlesex Community College is a really good school.

I am impressed so far. There are tons of resources available. They even give out free pads, tampons and midol. How fucking sick is that? I already have a counseling appointment set up for this afternoon. I’m so ecstatic. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen a therapist. And as someone who has had a therapist in her life since age 3, it’s really important that I have one. And it’s “free” (although I am paying out of state tuition)

cleaning, singing, laundry-doing, walking around in my undies.